What type of pre-purchase inspection?

Not all services are the same, not all service providers are the same. True professionals discuss clients needs and work to establish a plan to meet those.

Recently a customer engaged us to conduct inspections on a large Motoryacht as part of a pre-purchase assessment. Given the calibre and complexity of the vessel, we took the time for a meeting to discuss needs, and engage with the clients advisors, and crew.

On conclusion of this, we arrived at the following plan under our overall co-ordination;

1/ Comprehensive vessel survey, function tests, structural assessment and condition report on vessel

2/ Arrange engine company certified service agents to conduct engine inspections, diagnostic data analysis, oil and coolant analysis 

3/ Arrange Electrical inspections including charging systems, battery testing, electrical panel removal and assessment 

4/ Review vessel maintenance records with previous vessel managers to provide guidance on current status  and ongoing plan

5/ Co-ordinate schedules between service providers, buyers, brokers, crew and yards

It is often the case that buyers of vessels have significant business demands and limited time available to co-ordinate the above processes. More importantly the industry contacts and knowledge of who to involve to obtain a comprehensive understanding prior to commitment is paramount. 

We can assist in minimising the time taken and increasing clarity throughout the process.

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