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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Flir MR160 Thermal imagin moisture meter

A Pre-Purchase Boat inspection is to enable you to reach an informed and independent decision about the condition of a vessel prior to committing to purchase. Our Pre-Purchase inspection will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the vessel including;

  • Detailed Inspection of the condition and integrity of the hull, deck and superstructure

  • Inspection of the condition and operation of deck hardware 

  • Out of water assessment including condition of shafts, rudders and propellers

  • Inspection of Tank installations and plumbing systems

  • Operation of machinery and systems on board

  • Appraisal of the condition of clears and covers

  • Detailed inspection of the condition of the interior and furnishings

  • Attend sea trial and report on performance 

Our processes use modern technology such as thermal imaging, moisture meters and draws on three decades of experience. During and at the conclusion of the process we will provide guidance, which will document clearly any recommendations and items you should be aware of. I will then guide you through the interpretation of this report.

Insurance Condition Reports

Insurance condition reports, are normally required by insurance companies prior to providing or renewing cover in some cases. They are primarily concerned with the safety and structural integrity of the vessel. Areas of focus include;

  • Condition and integrity of the hull, deck and superstructure

  • Assessment of structural elements of the vessel including bulkheads, frames, stringers and secondary bonding

  • Below waterline assessment of condition of hull and underwater gear

  • Mast and Rigging 

  • Inspection of Fuel systems

  • Mechanical installations

  • Navigation equipment

  • Steering systems

  • Electrical installations

  • Through hull fittings

Our reports are accepted by leading insurance companies and will provide you with awareness of the condition of your vessel as it relates to its structural integrity and safety. 


Valuations, as often required to be used in property settlement proceedings, and importation of vessels. We provide a professional, impartial and timely service as regards to vessel valuations and supporting report and are familiar with the protocol and process involved.

Commercial Vessel Survey

Aquamarine Services Director Scott Cumming is accredited by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as a marine surveyor to survey domestic commercial vessels for the following categories;

"g" Initial survey - construction or alteration - hull, deck and superstructure

"h" Initial survey - construction or alteration - machinery

"j" Initial survey - construction or alteration - equipment

"k" Initial survey - construction or alteration - commissioning

"l" periodic survey

Scott's 25 + years experience in vessel manufacturing, design, repairs, and maintenance can assist you in your commercial vessel build, alteration, or periodic survey. 

Capacity Plates

Outboard vessels are typically fitted with a capacity rating for maximum power. Often customers wishing to upgrade will be limited by this and the majority of outboard resellers and installers will only fit an outboard that is within the capacity plate limit. We are suitably qualified to assess whether your vessel can be given a higher capacity rating and a new label made and issued.