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Shipping your vessel

As a purchaser of a luxury vessel intended for international transit, it is critical to ensure that the multiple people and processes involved are co-ordinated effectively. For your peace of mind, It is important that you aren’t having to learn and manage this process as you go.


I can assist you minimise the risk and time taken in this process by leveraging my 20 plus years experience in the transit of luxury vessels by offering the following service to you;


  • Manage the communication between yourself, the broker, local skippers, and freight companies as it relates to the shipping of your vessel so you have one point of contact to deal with rather than several

  • Ensure the boat is made ready for carriage as necessary including securing loose items / packing inside, dismantling of outriggers and aerials, shrink-wrap if necessary (costs for this item are on a case by case basis)

  • Document key information and inform you as to shut down and startup procedure, and location of important items on board so as to keep you informed and prepared for your vessels arrival and discharge

  • Ensure your vessel is attended the day prior to load to ensure batteries are charged and your vessel is operational and prepared for transit

  • Supply Interior and exterior photos of the vessel for your peace of mind / insurance companies requirement

  • Co-ordination of the load process of your vessel to the ship

  • Track ship's timing and keep you informed


  • Communication and follow up after arrival 


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